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Some stories require a little more – a little more discussion, more context, more depth and breadth. That’s the idea behind “Behind the Blue” – a weekly podcast created by UK Public Relations and Marketing. It is designed to explore through probing interviews the in-depth the stories that make UK the university for Kentucky and that have impact across the institution, the Commonwealth and, in some cases, the world.
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Aug 30, 2016

Tracy Campbell views history as a way to explore the paradoxes of humanity and the human condition. 

“We’re human beings. We are complex. We are not perfect,” said Campbell, a University of Kentucky professor of history. “Why do we like Shakespeare? Because it’s not devils versus angels It’s about how the two can usually be in the same head … and that’s a lot more interesting, but it’s also a lot more human … the paradox of American history is what I really enjoy trying to understand.”

Campbell discusses the exploration of those paradoxes in his work at UK and in how he teaches students in this week’s edition of “Behind the Blue,” the podcast produced by UK Public Relations and Marketing that explores the people and events that make UK the university for Kentucky.

Campbell – a native Kentuckian and UK graduate – has been teaching and writing at the University of Kentucky since 1999. Known for his skills as a writer and scholar as well as captivating teacher, Campbell has written books about Kentucky political wunderkind Ed Prichard, explored the political dealings behind the creation of the St. Louis Arch, and delved into the history of election fraud in America. He has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and was named one of UK’s Great Teachers.

Now, he is researching and writing about what he calls a seminal and pivotal moment in American history – the year, 1942, when the country entered World War II and made critical decisions that have shaped the development of the United States. You can read more about Campbell and his work here --

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